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Ok, so I did a quick transcript of Dan Savage quotes from his interview in (A)sexual. They’re scattered throughout the movie and interspersed with comments from asexuals and asexuality researchers so there’s a chance I may have missed some as I basically fast-forwarded until I saw his face, but I think I got most of them though.

Also, trigger warnings for Dan Savage, minor crude language, and general offensiveness to asexuals.

[Subtitle: Dan Savage, Sex columnist]

Savage: “Welcome to the Alphabet soup movement: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Two Spirited, Questioning, Leather Fetish, Asexual. You’ve arrived. 

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Savage: Well it’s funny to think about, you’ve got the gays marching for the right to be cocksucking homosexuals, and then you have the asexuals marching for the right to not do anything. Which is hilarious. Like, you didn’t need to march for that right. You just need to stay home, not do anything. 

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Savage: As somebody who’s pro- sort of, sexuality, it feels weird to be challenged to embrace a lack of any sexual urge, or impulse, or desire as a kind of sexuality all by itself. And it just looks like such a dodge, from outside. I know, from experience, and I know from giving people advice about their sex lives for 18 years, there’s a lot of people who are deeply conflicted about their desires, and a lot of people who are really conflicted about their sexual orientations, and for a lot of these people it would be easier just to not have a sexual orientation - it would be a great escape to say “Oh I’m not gay, I’m not lesbian, I’m not bi, or my heterosexuality is so disturbing to me because my kinks are this and this and this that I’m just asexual, I’m nothing”.

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Savage: Here’s where I got into the most trouble with the asexuals. I believe that if you’re asexual you shouldn’t be dating somebody who wants to fuck something. I believe that you have to disclose…there’s stuff on the website about asexuals who are in relationships with people who are sexual, and how to finesse that, and you shouldn’t - ethically, morally - [have] gotten into a relationship with this sexual if you are asexual. 

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Savage: People who are asexual who want an intimate, perhaps quasi-romantic relationship that involve doesn’t involve sex should date each other. 

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    This (among countless other reasons) is why Dan Savage is such a shitbag.
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    And this is why Dan Savage should be muted. (A)sexual is a great movie, because it is the only one that shows/attempts...
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    I find it absolutely baffling that someone who has done as much work as Dan Savage has for tolerance and understanding...
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    I tried to read the whole thing but I got really disgusted about halfway through.
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