This is off-topic, but THESE LINGUISTICS ASSIGNMENTS ARE FROM MY CLASS!  I did them a couple years ago!  This suggests that whoever made this is taking the same class I did, with the same professor, at the same university!!  *brain explodes*

(Fellow ace(?) in UCB Ling major(?), waddup?)

YES! I am indeed an ace at Cal, and currently taking Ling 155. I’ll be officially a ling major whenever I get around to turning in the paperwork (which will be soon ‘cause I need to declare before the end of the semester).

So that brings me to a question:

What all is up with asexuals and taking linguistics? Aside from me (and you?), one of the few other aces I know on campus is also a ling major, and in that class. And then a fellow AVEN PT member is currently getting a PHD in linguistics elsewhere. That seems like a lot of asexy linguists. 

Or maybe it’s just queer folks in general - I know at one point in our campus QSA, we had like 11 or so officers, out of which 4 of were ling majors, which is statistically unusual, since the ling department isn’t really that big. 

Or maybe it’s just a sign that everyone needs to do linguistics because it’s awesome. 

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    Wooooo, asexy linguists unite! Wow, I didn’t know that about the QSA officers! (I kinda wish I participated in those...
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    *raises hand* I work in the natural sciences. You play with word, I play with molecules.
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    YES! I am indeed an ace at Cal, and currently taking Ling 155. I’ll be officially a ling major whenever I get around to...
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